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Typical Maz

Today, I get to talk to you about something that I love so very much. Hey y'all! Merry Christmas Eve. I hope you are enjoying time with your family and staying warm. Today, I get to talk to you about something that I love so very much. It is an app you can get (for free) in the App Store, called "Lust Have". This app is an absolute must-have if you are a fashion enthusiast. It gives people opportunity to express their style, and explore boutiques and other people's style. They truly push the idea that fashion is important, not just your taste. Having your own style is always "in season".

This app is the ideal way to connect with other people who love fashion and style. For almost three years, Lust Have has been bringing fashion enthusiasts new brands, boutiques, lines, and even bloggers to follow along with and to help you find your own personal style. One super great thing about this app, is that when a boutique posts their products, they can directly be linked to their online store. That means that if you see a piece you think you have to have, you are able to easily purchase it and get your piece as soon as possible! When a blogger posts their outfits, they are able to link it directly to their post on their personal site to show you more details. Lastly, in February, Lust Have will be announcing some very exciting news about their next steps and you will want to keep up with them! I am so glad to be a part of Lust Have's journey and I can not wait to see all the great things they do within the next year!

Make sure to download the app and explore a little bit.

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