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Lust Have is an amazing platform to show your style and shop stylish looks from the app Hello loves…Today I am sharing a review post on this fantastic App called “Lust Have”.

Background: Lust Have is an amazing platform to show your style and shop stylish looks from the app. This app is fantastic and very user friendly. I am writing this review because I have been using this app from a while and admiring it. The ease and very clear onscreen instructions doesn’t take much of your time and upload your picture within seconds. And, the caption thing is so perfect. It gives us enough space to write about the attire in the picture.

5 reasons I like LUST HAVE

  1. The Name-LUST HAVE!…A quirky name for this wonderful app. I got attracted by the name and the first impression was made. The name of the app says it all… LUST HAVE!!

  2. Ease of use…As mentioned, this app is very user friendly and explains itself. One doesn’t need to go through any manual (:P) before using it. It is totally made for people who value time because it takes few moments to upload picture or browse through and shop styles.

  3. Font… This app has a very cute and different font. Unlike other apps with standard fonts, I feel to use it more.

  4. Luxury to share on other social media… Just when you are uploading any picture of your favorite style , you can even share it on other social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. One doesn’t have to upload it on other channels separately. It is just a button away.

  5. Save your favorites…This feature is special indeed. You get to add the outfits in your profile bucket under “Favorites”. For instance, I can save styles of fellow Fashionista under the “Favorites” tab in my profile. I do not have to take screenshots and keep it in my phone memory or just memorize them for future references. It is there forever.

There is always room for improvement even when you are on the top, Isn’t? And In the race of Fashion and technology one needs continue bracing. The only thing they need to revamp is their Camera to fit the zoomed in picture. They are coming up soon with many apprises on this app and you will be seeing some added interesting features for sure.

I give this app a rating 4 out of 5 for its remarkable features.

I hope you liked my review and pictures I shot for this app. I wore this cute little bow print dress Little Bow Print Dress- H&M [Similar dress] and my new Converse-Levis [Similar Shoes]

I insist you all to use this incredible app and share your thoughts. This app is available for Apple users Here. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram with the same name. Check their IG handle for my feature #LustHave #LustHaveFashion #MrsSaripalli

Enjoy your day and keep it super stylish like always.

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