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Millennial-Approved Native Ads.

It has always been our mission to deliver highly relevant content to our core fashion community. This is where our Sponsored Posts come into play.

Sponsored Posts are just like regular Lust Have posts: square or portrait content that can include your company message as well as a direct link to your site.

The only difference is that these posts are placed high in the Lust Have feed where they will be seen by style influencers and fashionistas who regularly interact with Lust Have.

This means that you have a rare opportunity to share your story more naturally, without being seen as an ad.

We bring your relevant post to those who care.


The Lust Have community is a close-knit network of fashion and style enthusiasts with high expectations from the brands trying to marketing to them.

Our marketing minds, each an active member of the Lust Have community, ensures that only relevant and high-value content is brought to the Lust Have audience to help deliver the results you want.

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