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It’s Hard to Imagine, but at One Time Lust Have was an Invite-Only Blogger Community.

“The community naturally came together – they were excited to share their styles.” In earlier days, Lust Have offered a platform for bloggers to share their latest looks with one another; linking directly to their blog posts. Those early interactions paved the way for Lust Have to discover that with some additional features, and a minimalist approach, it could bring forth a fashion platform that filled in the gaps left by other social media channels.

Fashion Show Us the Way

Many (hundreds) of conversations with style bloggers from around the world brought Lust Have to where it is today. The fashion platform started with sharing outfit images, later moving to directly linking related blog posts where the inherent partnership with boutiques took shape. Within the year digital stores were able to directly link to their product pages, creating an organic opportunity to bridge the gap between affiliate link programs and online boutiques.

What’s Next for the Global Catwalk

A desire to better the fashion industry later led Lust Have to explore offerings for fashion events, such as the annual College Fashion Week hosted in Boston and New York City. The fashion platform again pivoted to be the first to grant users the ability to shop the runway, any runway; saving favorite outfits from the catwalk and making clothing and accessories available to shop straight from the phone. Lust Have’s story is one of persistence and innovation to help fellow style enthusiasts connect and share their love of all things fashion. “Look to the gaps – find your industry and make it a better place for those that come after you. There is always room for innovation and improvement.”

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