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Fashion Bloggers! Welcome to the app we have been waiting for! Should I Wear This is a tool to get advice on outfits for whatever occasion that you can download Here! You can view previously liked outfits, create a personal profile with options to add your own blog address, and soon to come, follow some of your favorite outfit creators! Its social media for fashion and I am more than excited to see this app take off! The second phase of the app is in the works, and when that happens I would love to follow some of you to see what you have created.

I was lucky enough to get an inside scoop from the creator himself, his interview is below.

What was your inspiration for S.I.W.T.?

The idea for SIWT has roughly been tossed around in my mind for a few years now thanks to a college friend. He does not consider himself fashion savvy, and every time he would go on a date or to a special event, he would text a photo of his chosen outfit and ask me if he should wear it. I thought it would be a great idea to crowd source other people’s opinions on outfits. Someone, like my friend, can really benefit from a more fashion-forward individual offering advice. This inspired me to try and come up with a minimalistic platform to allow this.

What is you long term goal for the S.I.W.T. ?

I would thoroughly enjoy SIWT to grow into something that is actually seen as valuable service rather than a ‘Toy’ or ‘Gimmick’. There are plenty of people in the world with a great fashion sense and just as many people in the world who don’t know where to start (but would enjoy learning). I would be happy to see this truly help people share themselves to some degree.

Who has been your biggest supporters throughout the process?

I am fortunate enough to be great friends with a few fashion boutique managers in my area. These young ladies have offered astonishing support as well as innovative advice on how SIWT this can move to the next level.

If S.I.W.T ever became as big as Instagram or Twitter would you ever sell it?

Excellent question. At this time I would have to say no. I have set goals that I plan to accomplish with SIWT. As a one man team, I would like to see my personal project attain these goals. I am also excited to see its evolution as its community and use grow.

What was the hardest or worst part of creating an app?

The most difficult part of creating an app is producing something that others can get excited about. It is easy for me to celebrate the app, but trying to get others to find value in what I have created is another story.

Best or Favorite part of creating an app?

My favorite part of creating the app BY FAR has been the redesign for version 2. I reached out to my friends at the fashion boutiques as well as a handful of fashion bloggers to better understand how someone would prefer to use my app. I enjoy design and was happy to overhaul the services provided and the overall use of the application based on actual user feedback. I very much plan to continue to do this in the future.

After the entire process would you ever want to create another app?

I think the design and creation of an app is rather fun. The maintenance and upkeep is another story so I would need to be sure that the app provided something that I had a passion for before creating something for that field.

What mistakes did you make?

I made the mistake of wanting the app to be TOO minimalistic. For the first release I cut several basic features as well as design and User Interface options. Sure enough, user feedback requested just about everything that I decided not to include. I am making sure to add these things back in the next version that is currently under way.

Overall are you happy with everything you have accomplished ?

I enjoy the current position of the app. I am eager to see the growth of SIWT and know that it will take much work and dedication to get the service to the level I am aiming for, but I will get there. Yes, I am happy with how the cards have landed and optimistically look forward to the future.

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