Cashmere Boulevard

Interview with Annelies Martinez

Annelies from Cashmere Boulevard was kind enough to visit with us and share more about her digital publication. She has been working hard on her online message for several years now and has nothing but great things ahead of her.

Lust Have: What inspired you to start blogging?
Annelies: I believe it was more of the environment that I have always been around and the want to express myself. I discovered blogging when I started college in 2010 and felt like I had a lot to say for the voices who were yet to be heard. I didn’t really start blogging until 2015 which felt like perfect timing even though I wished I would have started sooner. My boyfriend was an extremely huge encouragement towards me starting my blogging till this day in still being my photographer and stylist at times.

LH: In one sentence, how would you describe the purpose of your blog to a potential new follower?
A: Fashionably inexpensive and financially smart.

LH: Who is your number one fashion inspiration and why?
A: There can’t never be more than one inspiration lol. For well-known bloggers, between Olivia Culpo and Something Navy (Arielle Charnas) both of whom I have been following for years and seeing/loving their growth.  From up and coming, Farah Pink and my lovely college friend City Laundry, Maria Gonzalez, whom both I have recently been stalking on Instagram. From vacations to just ideas in styles I can in cooperate has have me obsessed. Lastly, my mother. The seamstress with magical hands. I would have never pursued Fashion had it not been for her influence.

LH: What are some of your current style obsessions?
A: Ruffles; Bell bottoms; High wasted; Monochrome; Neutrals; Lace

LH: What are your predictions for the next big style trend?

  1. Lace is super, super big and will continue to be huge for the fall along with knits
  2. Since we are in a minimalistic stage, I believe logos will come back in trend. Starting with the minimalist of Tommy Hilfiger and his navy/white/red flag. I don’t believe it will be to the extent where it was before but more in a smaller logo over different places.
  3. Minimal stripes - I can’t never get enough of it
  4. Homemade - we are entering back to a generation where we alter and revamp our clothing

LH: Tell us about a typical day working on your blog.
A: I would plan a few weeks ahead on outfits or what I would write about. If its about beauty or finance, I would take photos of the product I’m using and talk myself out loud as I type away. I try my best to make myself sound as conversational as possible. If it’s a beauty review, I would log down my pros and cons of the product as I’ve been using it to create content for my blog post. For Finance post, I would always look back to an experience I have had dealing with finance and money or simply always log down tips in my agenda that may have worked for me.

LH: What changes have you noticed in your life after starting your blog?
A: I have seen that I have stepped a bit way from my introverted ways and been more opening in expressing myself and any of my experiences to get where I am at today. It has definitely made me happier to be able to help others through expressing myself in my troublesome moments or moments of exploration.

LH: There are always challenges associated with success. Are there any barriers you have encountered that have or are currently preventing you from hitting any blog milestones?
A: Consistency has been a huge barrier for me as I try to take on a new job along with more responsibilities at home. Sometimes I get too caught up in what I am doing that I forget to post, promote, or prep the new content to post soon.

LH: Speaking of which, what is your next big milestone for your digital diary?
A: I have already converted to an eCommerce site in selling retail products but I have been working on some new goodies along with some exclusives for boutiques which should launch in the fall.

LH: Who is your favorite photographer for your shoots?
A: My boyfriend! He has not only been my rock but also has had a keen eye for my style from the beginning. He knows what I want and always delivers.

LH: What is the toughest lesson you have learned so far from the world of fashion blogging?
A: Stop being lazy and be more consistent. As well as you don’t need to have the most luxury brand to get a follow base. Lastly be true to yourself which will always reflect in your audience. 

LH: As you continue working on your online presence, are there any skills or talents you wish to polish that will help you along the way?
A: I hate to say it again but be more consistent. I do feel like this is where I lack the most in my social media and being stricter on my goals.

LH: Any final thoughts or advice for those that would like to follow in your footsteps?
A: It is not a cake walk so don’t expect for just overnight fame. Stay true to yourself. Everyone attracts the same energy. Always stay humble, not matter where you go and who you meet. If you’re a fan and having a fan moment, go ahead. If someone is having a fan moment with you, don’t be rude. They are the reason why you have gotten where you are. Never be afraid to be helpful and give advice. Remember our youth is our future.

Thanks for visiting with us Annelies! Be sure to follow along with Annelies on the Lust Have app at @CashmereBlvd

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