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Interview with Mukta Kandpal

We were able to sit down and chat with a long time Lust Have user Mukta Kandpal, or Miki. Miki runs an exquisite blog titled Blogtrendz which houses an elegant mix of her styles and tastes. Definitely worth a look!

Lust Have: What inspired you to start blogging?
Mukta: I am passionate about Fashion. Being a former fashion design student I always had that propensity to be up to date with the latest trends. This inspired me to start a personal blog about my style.

LH: In one sentence, how would you describe the purpose of your blog to a potential new follower?
M: My blog is my personal space to share my experiments with latest fashion trends. My style is simple, basic and affordable.

LH: Who is your number one fashion inspiration and why?
M: I have a few favorites like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. I also look up Lust Have app for fashion trends.

LH: What are some of your current style obsessions?
M: I am currently obsessed with tie-waist pants, stripes and oversized trench coats. I will be experimenting with khaki and yellow colors this spring.

LH: What are your predictions for the next big style trend?
M: Waist clinchers, Oversized trench coats, Flash dance shoulder and stripes will  be big this spring 2017.

LH: Tell us about a typical day working on your blog.
M: I blog part time at the moment as being a mom takes the first priority in my life. My blog day starts with planning my outfits. The weather and lighting play an important role in the blog photography so I typically prefer early evenings for the shoot. The post processing of the pictures takes a while too. Social media sharing and commenting comes later. My website Blogtrendz gets the post update in 3-4 days depending on my schedule.

LH: What changes have you noticed in your life after starting your blog?
M: Blogging has helped me channelize my fashion creativity into reality so it has been a positive influence on my life. Having spent more than 12 years in the aviation industry i have seen the glamour industry closely. I therefore don't feel any pressure to be pushed into this competitive glamour race. I don't see much changes in my life after starting my blog.

LH: Who is your favorite photographer for your shoots?
M: My favorite and only photographer is my dear hubby who is incredibly talented. You can follow me on instagram for my latest updates.

LH: What is your next big milestone for your digital diary?
M: I want to increase the reach of my blog. I feel that fashion is empowering. I look forward to collaborate with like minded brands and fashionistas.

LH: What is the toughest lesson you have learned so far from the world of fashion blogging?
M: Fashion blogging is like any other profession. It requires a lot of hard work and determination. Its a full time indulgence. Its  not easy to get an audience for your blog nonetheless being persistent pays off, like they say "Stay calm and blog on "

Thanks for visiting with us Mukta! Be sure to follow along with Mukta on the Lust Have app at @BlogTrendz. Also be sure to check out Miki's thoughts on the Lust Have app.

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